Planning A Gender Reveal? Let Us Help!

  • Feb, 07 , 23
  • J. Black

Not everyone is going the route of gender reveal parties but those who do often go BIG! We want to help you with some fun ideas both "Do It Yourself," and something we can do for you! We want to work with you to make something super cool and would love to hear your ideas but we do have some ideas of our own to get you started.


A few ideas for a do it yourself before the ideas that you can sit back, relax and have delivered to your door!

  • Fill a balloon with colour confetti
  • Custom shirt under a zip up sweater
  • “What’s in the box!?” fill a box with balloons and confetti, hang it from the ceiling and open it Flashdance style
  • Baking soda and vinegar volcano with food colouring 


Now onto what we can do for you!

Heartbreaker Pinata

We love the fun smashing of a heartbreaker to reveal the gender inside! The idea to use this as a gender reveal is to use a white or dark chocolate heart shell and fill the inside with blue or pink treats! The heart reads: “Boy or Girl?” on the outside either in blue and pink (though of course we can play around with these colours if you have a neutral theme to your party!) There are always some treats on the outside of our heartbreakers so these are done in both blue and pink to keep you and your guests guessing until the grand reveal. 

Double Dipped Oreos - Gender Reveal


This one is a simple idea. Your oreos instead of being dipped in only one kind of chocolate we would lightly dip them in pink or blue, let them set and then cover them with dark chocolate. This way when you bite into them there will be a strip of the gender colour revealed! We do advise against white chocolate since sometimes you can see through it a little and we wouldn't want to ruin your surprise!

Custom Strawberry Tower

This one is more of a big reveal than a surprise reveal but we couldn't leave it off the list because it is so beautiful and elegant. For a general idea of what a strawberry tower is, check out our Pretty in Pink tower which of course, itself, could reveal that, “It’s a girl!” Now, you have some options here! You could use the colour of the tower as a big reveal and pull it out as you're about to tell everyone OR you could keep them guessing with pick and blue dipped berries or a neutral colour and use another fun reveal idea.


We hope, no matter the gender, you have a fun filled day and a happy, healthy pregnancy!