Say Thank You the Best Way - With Chocolate

  • Jul, 27 , 23
  • J. Black

There are so many things and people to be grateful for out in the world. We’re sure you can find something in our thank you line that will say what you're feeling perfectly. There's something for everyone from a simple berry platter to fresh fruit bouquets and a very special new addition at the end. Whether you’re looking to send something to an individual, a small team or hold an appreciation party we have you covered.

Thank You Berries

Our simplest and most straight forward thank you gift, thank you berries. These are exactly what you expect them to be! Served up on a silver platter you will find 4 dark chocolate dipped berries swizzled with white chocolate and 10 dark chocolate covered berries each with a white chocolate letter spelling out thank you. Of course you can accompany this sweet treat with a sentimental card message but there will be no mistaking from the moment of delivery what this gift is for. 

Thanks Again Blossom

This one’s name leads it to be the best option as a follow up thank-you. Maybe you send it after an important meeting or interview or maybe someone got you an opportunity and it came through and you want to send them some extra thanks. (Though of course this can be just a regular thank you as well if it is something you think the recipient will love, the names are just fun suggestions of course!) This bouquet stands out from the others with its addition of shredded coconut on some of the chocolate covered treats. You’ll find apples and strawberries as the main bulk of this arrangement with pineapple daisy accents. As with most of our bouquets it comes in three sizes for the perfect amount of people or maybe just to show exactly how grateful you are.

The Appreciation Blossom

In comparison to the previous bouquet option this one features much more fresh fruit (as opposed to chocolate dipped, it’s all fresh) though it doesn't forgo the chocolate entirely. Both honeydew and cantaloupe feature heavily in the “leafy” bulk of the arrangement accompanied by a few chocolate covered and swizzled apple slices. This all accented with both fresh and chocolate covered berry buds as well as pineapple daisies. Consider one of the larger sizes as a centrepiece at that appreciation lunch you’re planning.

Thank You Gift Basket

And last but certainly not least our newest addition to the “Thank You” line, a basket! While we have had the Traditional Fruit Basket for some time this one is specifically geared to say thank you. It also stretches far beyond the traditional fruit basket with the addition of other treats and chocolate! Starting with the main feature, three tart green apple dipped in caramel and a variety of toppings: one, white chocolate and honey graham crackers; two, dark chocolate with a milk chocolate drip and thank you button; and, three, naked caramel with marshmallows and crushed pretzels lightly drizzled with dark and white chocolate. Placed around these delicious apples are 2 macarons, 2 chocolate dipped pretzels, 3 chocolate dipped Oreos and 3 chocolate dipped strawberries. Some of these other treats also feature a thank you button to really get the point across. We think this gift is perfect for either an individual or small team of people you want to thank.

Grab one of these amazing treats or one of the other ones not mentioned here in our thank you section and say it with chocolate!