Birthday Treats in Three Sizes

  • Mar, 09 , 23
  • J. Black

We thought a great way to help you choose the perfect birthday treat for your purposes would be to help you choose the right amount of sweets! Below we have our favourite items: one for personal consumption, one shareable with another and one for party time! Of course this is subject to personal ability to demolish delish desserts!

Bday Gram - Personal

You can’t really go wrong when you say it with chocolate! This platter of twelve plump strawberries comes dipped in dark chocolate and topped with white chocolate letters that read: Happy B-day. If you tried to math that out you might realize we’re not quite adding up! The last two berries are swizzled with white chocolate for a little flair. This comes served on a platter and wrapped up in cellophane wrap. A beautiful presentation on a platter gives a little extra specialty when compared to our gift boxes. Our birthday treats don’t get much smaller than this!

Lavish Bday - Shareable

Not only does this bouquet come with the added benefit of having three beautiful roses but it's perfect for sharing. While not our only romantic snack overall, it is our most romantic birthday specific treat. What makes it birthday specific? It comes with a cupcake shaped chocolate dipped pineapple slice that is accented with bright sprinkles. Nothing says birthday like cake and sprinkles! This bouquet comes with 20 dark chocolate dipped strawberries half swizzled in white and half plain. That leaves ten strawberries each and a pineapple cupcake to meet in the middle on!

Fiesta Birthday - Party

This bouquet is larger than most of our other ones and has four sizes rather than three, varying from small to an extra large! This truly is *the* party bouquet. If you’re hosting a big shindig this is the choice for you! It comes with loads of fruit that is easily served and eaten in the form of skewers. It has a wide range of fruit and even fancy coconut covered apples! So everyone is sure to find something they enjoy. It's a beautiful and bright centrepiece to add to your party’s spread especially, with its option to customize with the birthday person’s age in pineapple numbers! 

Order the day before up until 5pm and it will be ready the next day; you can have it picked up at the Ottawa Artisan’s Store location in St. Laurent or you can surprise your recipient by having your gift delivered right to their door or cubicle! Make it an extra special surprise with an upgraded Birthday card, a birthday balloon and/or a stuffed bear!