Say "Thank You For Everything" In The Most Delightful Of Ways This Mother's Day

  • Apr, 19 , 22
  • Jackie Bonilla

Choosing the best gift for mom can be quite a challenge. What do you get for the woman who has it all? This can be an especially complicated task if you live in another city or country and you want to surprise her with a unique Mother's Day gift. If you're local, you don't have to go to the mall and brave the crowds, either. If you want to order a unique gift for Mother's Day we have the perfect gifts that will make her day extra special.


Just because you're shopping online doesn't mean you didn't put any thought into finding her the perfect gift. In fact, we've carefully thought of and crafted special heartfelt treats and fruit bouquets that we believe will melt her heart. We've made it easy for you to select the right gift for your mom by creating a collection that will help you narrow down the perfect delivery for this special occasion. 


We are no rookie when it comes to surprising and delighting moms on Mother's Day as this will be our 9th year doing so! So whether you prefer our Mother's Day fruit bouquet or our monogrammed chocolate covered strawberries we are sure she will love what you choose. 


Finally, we must remind you that it is an extremely busy day for us so it is best to pre-order. While we do take as many orders as we can to fulfill the demand in Ottawa we also know that we can't take any last minute orders as we need time to produce and deliver in a timely manner. A great tip for this year is that we are also offering pick-up at our local partner shop, The Ottawa Artisans Store inside St. Laurent Mall. Therefore, if you are needing a gift with time constraints it may be best to select this option.



Here are our Top 3 recommendations:

1. "I Love You Mom Berries"  - $48

2. "Mother's Day Bouquet" - $80

3. "MOM Special Edition Oreos" - $34