Elegant Desserts to Ring in the New Year

  • Dec, 28 , 22
  • J. Black

Looking to ring in the New Year with a certain pizzazz? We have a wide variety of treats including berries infused with sparkling wine BUT maybe you’re looking for something off the beaten path. Why not check out some of our elegant treats below and treat you and your guests to something spectacular?

Strawberry Martini Bouquet

If you want to keep it in the drinks family but “make it fruit” try our Strawberry Martini Bouquet! It comes served in a martini glass with chocolate dipped strawberries covered with various toppings. We think this is not only a great alternative to champagne but also a great accompaniment to it. If you happen to have kids hanging out with you this New Year celebration this is also a great treat to offer the kids! Help them feel like they're included with a fancy glass of berries while those drinking cheers with champagne!

New Year's Eve Platter - Hot Cocoa and Roses 

Are you planning an intimate date night for your New Years celebration? This Cocoa and Rose Platter offers a splash of beauty and a dash of warmth to a cold New Year's Eve. Offer your loved one the romance of roses and snuggle up beside the fire (or a video of one) with a Hot Chocolate Bomb while you quietly ring in the New Year. The patter comes with a variety of flavours adding a little excitement to an otherwise cozy night with candy cane, Mexican chocolate, salted caramel and truffle hot chocolate!

New Year Heartbreaker

Not only does the New Year Heartbreaker have yummy treats it gives you a fun activity to do at the chime of the clock! Break open the heartbreaker when the clock strikes midnight to signify breaking into the new year with gusto! Celebrate the past year with the treats you find inside. And toast your Oreos to a healthy, happy and productive year ahead!

To add an extra element of fun you could always add your own surprise to the inside of the heartbreaker and give this as a fun gift to someone special. Try a loving message, a miniature figure or a ring box!

Elegance Platter

This fruit and chocolate platter is a brilliant centrepiece to any New Years Eve spread! It comes in two sizes so depending on whether you’re throwing a big bash for friends, family and neighbours or keeping it small with just a few of your favourite people we have you covered! Brimming to the edge with not only chocolate dipped but coconut and Skor bit covered strawberries and apples all surrounding a pineapple daisy. 

No matter which of these delectable dishes you choose you’re bound to ring in the New Year with something tasty! Happy New Year and here’s to an abundant year filled with love, health and opportunity!