Four Appreciative Gifts for This Year's Administrative Professionals Day - April 26th

  • Apr, 18 , 23
  • J. Black

Did you know Administrative Professionals Week is on the horizon with Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday April 26th? Right smack dab in the middle! It might not be an appreciation period you often think of or hear about, but we want to remind you it exists, so you can get your hard working Admin Team a sweet treat as a thank-you for their important contribution to your business.

We thought it could be interesting to give you a little backstory before offering you four great gift options! The first time this holiday was celebrated (in the United States where it was founded) was June 1–7 in 1952 with Wednesday, June 4 designated as National Secretaries' Day. Obviously we have updated the language around this to be more inclusive and more encompassing of all administrative positions. The first name update came in 1955 keeping the week long observance name but updating the single day holiday to Administrative Professionals Day. The name of the full week changed in 1988 to Professional Secretaries’ Week and again in 2000 to what we know it as now: Administrative Professionals Week.

Tell your Administrative Team you appreciate them with one of these sweet treats!


Thank You Berries

Keep it simple and say it with chocolate. Our Thank-You Berry Platter comes on a silver platter so the second it is received it is obvious in its purpose. The gift will contain 12 dark chocolate dipped strawberries with white chocolate lettering saying, “Thank-you” and the final two strawberries adorned with an elegant swizzle of white chocolate. This gift is perfect for a small team of one or two and is sure to delight. 

Professional Admin Day Bouquet

This bouquet is filled with a variety of goodies. It has fresh melon and strawberries accompanied by some chocolate dipped treats. Under the chocolate you will find apples and pineapples and on top of the chocolate dipped apples you will find almond slivers and bright yellow swizzle! Don’t fret if your Administration Team has a nut allergy though, just let us know and we will prepare it accordingly.

Appreciation Blossom

This bouquet contains a little more of a fresh fruit vibe but doesn't skip the chocolate. You’ll find fresh pineapple daisies with strawberry centres, an abundance of cantaloupe and honeydew melons and a few fresh strawberries. The rest of the strawberries are dipped in dark chocolate and joined by tart apple slices in dark chocolate with a white chocolate swizzle.

Good Job Blossom

The Good Job Blossom features bright citrus and sweet candy. An abundance of melon wedges creates a beautiful canvas to showcase fresh berries, plain dark chocolate dipped berries and apples, apples and berries chocolate dipped and smothered with toffee bits, and for special added visual interest and a bright citrus punch: oranges cut in both slices and wedges. The wide variety of slices and wedges and wheels is kind of like the wide variety of tasks your Admin Team has under their belt. We’re sure they will appreciate you appreciating them!

All of the above bouquets can be bought in three different sizes depending on how many of your employees will be sharing in the treat. In addition to these treats you can always upgrade your gift with a heartfelt, specially picked card and a helium balloon (as well as a multitude of other fun additions that you can explore on our upgrades page)