Four Favourites For Father's with His Hobbies in Mind (and a bonus that's just cute!)

  • Jun, 06 , 23
  • J. Black

Father’s Day is coming up quickly on June 18th this year! Fruit Couture has so many treat options for your favourite father figures. We’ve compiled a bit of a list here highlighting some menu options that are only available during this season so pull up a seat and feast your eyes on these!


Moustache Caramel Apple

Many dad’s pride themselves on suave looking facial hair from the biggest beard to the perfectly shaped handlebar moustache. This caramel apple is the perfect gift for one of these hair connoisseurs featuring, front and centre, a red chocolate moustache. Behind the moustache is a three layers green apple starting with creamy caramel, followed up by delicious dark chocolate and finally a sprinkling of, well, sprinkles! Hopefully he can keep the treat in his mouth and out of his beard.

Dad’s Bourbon Berries

If your dad is a bit of a whiskey nerd this might be the right gift for him! These scrumptious strawberries are infused with a bold bourbon (or if your dad would prefer a wine we can make that happen too) and dipped in dark chocolate. We’ve all considered the little whiskey chocolates, this is those but even better with the balance of the fresh strawberry added in. If this didn’t already sound perfect this box comes monogrammed in white chocolate with, “DAD,” written and gold flecks accenting some of the other berries. 

Pretzel Cigar Box

Does dad love the sophisticated air of a cigar but not want the smoke? Try giving him this box of pretzels made up to look like cigars. This box has one fully chocolate cigar accompanied by six chocolate dipped pretzels. The fully chocolate cigar has, “DAD,” written on it. Finally, an extra special treat, 4 tart apple wedges dipped in dark chocolate round out the flavour experience. Two of these have written on them #1. Tell dad he is the best dad in the world with this delicious gift box.

Football Berries

For the sports enthusiast dad we suggest these chocolate dipped berries made up to look like footballs! If football isn’t your dad’s favourite sport check out our mixed Sports Berries featuring basketball and baseball alongside the footballs. Feel free to reach out to us and work on a sport box perfect for your dad with these ideas in mind. We can easily work with you to have a box of a single sport.

Papa Berries

Okay, so this one isn't a father’s day exclusive nor is it a hobby per se but just like for Mother’s Day we couldn't leave these adorable bears off the list. A father-themed spin on our lovable Bear Hug Berries features, “PAPA,” written in white across blue chocolate dipped strawberries, dark chocolate berries swizzled with blue and of course the bears themselves with Belgian chocolate ears and a cute little white chocolate snout. Don’t forget to add your own bear hug to this gift when you see your dad!