Four Fresh Fruit Options to Boost Your Health and Fitness Resolutions!

  • Jan, 10 , 23
  • J. Black

Are you looking for a beautiful and tasty treat that's still sweet but keeps you (or your recipient) on the right track with your New Year's Resolution for a healthier you? Wanting to support local but seeing a lot of cookies and candies? Look no further! We have so many fruit bouquets and baskets that leave the chocolate behind! (Though there's nothing wrong with a little chocolate here and there.)

Simply for Life

This simple bouquet has so much variety while keeping it chocolate free! It brings bright colour and flavours from sweet to tangy! Melons abound, fresh strawberries, tart oranges and plump grapes make this bouquet perfect for the healthy eating person who loves a little bit of everything! Did you start up with a running group? Maybe a yoga troupe? Think about bringing one of these to share after getting those hearts racing!

Fresh Bloom 

This Fresh Bloom bouquet showcases bright tangy pineapple flowers surrounded by melon leaves and strawberry buds and accented by a few plump grapes. This bouquet is a great way to celebrate your next milestone; whether that is a new running time, a new max lift or sticking to your new routine you deserve it! Share your success with your friends or indulge a little with this healthy choice!

Orange Extravaganza

This design mixes the traditional presentation of a fruit basket and the elegance of a fruit bouquet in one! It takes the easy access and bite size portion of fruit on a skewer and puts it in the traditional presentation of a fruit basket. This bouquet/basket hybrid gives a different vibe than one or the other; it brings cottage core with its basket vessel and togetherness with its easy share-ability! The flatter design really brings out the contrast between the variety of fruits: the red of the strawberries and grapes; the soft orange and green of the cantaloupe and honeydew; and, the bright yellow and orange of the pineapple and oranges. 

Traditional Fruit Basket

It would be remiss to talk about the Orange Extravaganza but not mention that we do, in fact, have a traditional fruit basket as well. The best part about a traditional fruit basket is that the fruit isn’t cut which means it also will also last a little longer. Maybe you and your family or your coworkers have decided to try snacking a little healthier together; be the coolest person in the group by bringing a beautifully crafted fruit basket for everyone to share. Or treat yourself to the elegance of receiving a fruit basket and make everyone jealous of your personal healthy snack reservoir!

Whatever your personal goals are, we hope our fresh fruit arrangements can help you reach them and go BEYOND!