Four Ideas to up the Romance on Valentine's Day

  • Jan, 26 , 23
  • J. Black

Looking for some fun options to make this Valentines Day special? We have ideas abound. Activities taking you outside or staying in. Things to do before hand and ideas for the day of! Here are four of our favourites!


Write Them a Love Letter

Sometimes it’s hard to say the way we feel. The words just won’t come or you have too many feelings. Why not try writing them down instead? It’s a great way to make sure you’re saying exactly what you mean and no jitters leading to awkward mumbling and slips of the tongue. Not only that it gives the person you love something to hold on to and be reminded of how much you care when you can’t be together. 


Take them Skating

Feeling like getting out of the house and being active for your Valentine’s Day? Skating is a fun option and can only really be done around this time of year! Sure you can hit an arena but there's nothing like feeling the fresh outside air on your face at the Canal or on an outdoor rink! The atmosphere is just so fun. Just make sure you and your guest(s) dress appropriately, we don’t want to be responsible for any cold fingers!


Cook Together

Would you rather have an indoor activity? Cooking together is super fun (though it can be trying too, communication is key!) Doing something that is often viewed as a chore together can put a whole new spin on the activity! Why not try a new recipe to really get those creative juices flowing? Another thing to keep in mind is if your partner is the one that often cooks it might be nice to give them the night off; fix them their favourite meal and you’ll have them eating out of your hand! But of course you can always order in too and then you both get the night off! Speaking of delivery…


Order a Valentine’s treat for delivery!

We have a wide variety of Valentine’s themed gifts available for your choosing! From Bouquets to platters to boxes some even contain extra special items like roses! No need to go out, we deliver right to your door. Send your favourite person a treat at the office or have it delivered at home; if you plan on being out anyway you can always order it for pick up at Ottawa Artisan’s at the St Laurent Mall. Whichever option is most convenient for you, we have your back.


We have some suggestions for the above activities as well. If you're leaning toward a love letter, why not seal it with a kiss and our Valentine’s Day Oreos with their lovely red chocolate lips? Thinking about hitting the canal, arena or ODR? Why not warm up after with some Hot Chocolate Bombs? And if you are spending an intimate night in, why not make it super special with a Rose and Couture Box? Make it extra special by infusing those berries with sparkling white wine!

We hope you have a love filled Valentine’s Day!