Four Watermelon Favourites (and a Bonus Item!)

  • Jun, 06 , 23
  • J. Black

Though it’s not quite summer yet we’ve pulled out the summer favourite: watermelon (otherwise known as citrullus lanatus!)

To start us off let’s learn a little! Enjoy these watermelon facts:

- They are 91% water - great for keeping hydrating during the hot weather and outdoor activities.
- Wild watermelons are native to South Africa.
- In Egypt and Israel it is often served with feta cheese - while we don't do that we do have some fun fruit combinations.
- While most of us know them to be red they also come in varieties with orange, yellow green and white flesh.

Okay, so now we know a few fun things about watermelon; let's check out a few fun things we do with watermelon here at Fruit Couture.

Refreshing Summer Bouquet

We’ll start it off with something with watermelon as a bit of an accent rather than the main attraction. This bouquet screams summer with pineapple suns surrounded with a variety of other fresh fruit. This bouquet forgoes the chocolate in favour of showcasing the bright colours of the fruit itself. Consider bringing this bouquet to your next BBQ or pool party and you are sure to impress! Not to mention help keep everyone hydrated from all the swimming, running and grilling!

Watermelon Baby Carriage

This one brings the watermelon a little closer to the forefront using the rind of the watermelon as a vessel for three different melon types: cantaloupe, honey dew and of course the watermelon itself. Not only is the watermelon a vessel for more melon but it is also carved to look like a baby carriage and it doesn’t get much more on theme than that for a baby shower or early birthday! Speaking of baby showers, if the carriage doesn't seem like quite enough this adorable carving comes as part of the Baby Shower Gift Package with some other fruit and chocolate goodies.

Grad Watermelon Cake

Keeping with themed options we recently added the Grad Watermelon Cake. It doesn't get much more watermelon than a cake carved from one (or two.) This one is super elegant with a ribbon of fresh fruit gliding down the side of a two tiered, round watermelon cake. “What makes it graduation themed,” you might ask. We take the watermelon rind and carve out the word, “GRAD,” for a topper. The lovely green contrasts lovely with the deep pink watermelon but doesn’t pull too much attention from the gorgeous waterfall of fruit including but not limited to blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and kiwi. The subtle accent of mint leaves really adds that touch of elegance. This cake is the perfect centrepiece for any graduation party.

Deluxe Watermelon Cake

Continuing the cake theme we have our tried and true deluxe cake. While the Grad Cake is new and fancy you can't go wrong with our original recipe. This cake is one layer and features a variety of fruit including some chocolate dipped and swizzled strawberries. This cake gives the recipient the good ol’ gold star rating surrounding the top and side with pineapple stars. You’ll get crisp green grapes, fresh strawberries and the real star of the show (other than, the stars…) is a pile of delicious mango slices drizzled ever so gently with dark chocolate. Make sure everyone receives a little bit of everything on their piece!

Royal Pineapple Cake

Okay, so this one doesn't have anything to do with watermelon but it is a fresh fruit cake and new to our menu! We just couldn’t leave it off the summer sweets list! This expertly carved cake with a pineapple spiral as a base is sure to impress. Along with the spiral the cake features kiwi, strawberries and green grapes carved into spiky flowers as well as elegant slices of dragon fruit, balled cantaloupe and mint leaves to finish it off. A truly luxurious piece for your next brunch or BBQ.

We know you will enjoy any one of these summer treats! Order now and have it delivered right to your house!