Heartbreaker Chocolate “Piñatas” Abound! The Perfect “Treat Meets Activity” for a Birthday!

  • Mar, 09 , 23
  • J. Black

So, we know a piñata is usually paper mache and hung up for everyone to take a crack at but we love our personal twist on it with the *Heartbreaker* series. You still get to whack something with a mallet and find treats inside but it's just for you! The shell is also edible unlike the paper mache of a more traditional piñata. 

While each of these has some obvious similarities they also each have their own special twist! They each come with some visible treats and some hidden surprises covered by a decorated  heart-shaped chocolate shell. Here’s a quick breakdown to make choosing the perfect Heartbreaker for you easy; one for a cookie lover, one for a sprinkle lover and one for a berry lover!

Pink Birthday Heartbreaker

Our pink birthday heartbreaker is extra fancy with its gold embellishments! This one is one for someone that enjoys chocolate and cookies more than anything else! With a big focus on pink and hearts we love this one as a birthday gift for someone you love whether that's your child, partner or parent this is the right choice! This one comes with macarons, berries and chocolate coverd Oreo hearts. 

Let me paint you a descriptive picture: A pink heart shell with gold accentuating its geometric shape and “HBD” centered in gold letters sits next to two smaller solid chocolate hearts, pink and one white. A small wooden mallet sits in the centre of the box. Smash to reveal the surprise!

Birthday Confetti Heartbreaker

This Birthday Confetti Heartbreaker is one that comes with some built in customization including dark or white chocolate and also the colour of words being blue or pink. Now while this customization exists on the website you can always feel free to reach out to us to customize it further! The other thing that is built right in when you’re ordering this one is adding your birthday person’s name. This one comes with berries, Oreos and mini pretzels and treats.

Let me paint you another descriptive picture: A white heart shell with pink writing on it reading, “happy birthday” and a corner covered in an explosion of sprinkles sits next to strawberries and Oreos also dipped in white chocolate and smothered in sprinkles. A small wooden mallet sits in the centre of the box. Smash to reveal the surprise!

Birthday Greetings Heartbreaker

Just like the Pink Birthday Heartbreaker was for the cookie lover this Birthday Greeting Heartbreaker is for the berry lover. This one is perfect for those milestone birthdays but can obviously be used for any. We’d also like to suggest this as a great gift for any sort of number milestone! This one comes with many berries and a few Oreos. 

Let me paint you a descriptive picture: A dark chocolate heart shaped shell with your age written in gold sits next to four berries with your age written and two Oreos with a red, “Happy Birthday,” decal on them. A small wooden mallet sits in the centre of the box. Smash to reveal the surprise.

So tell me: Do you smash it? Or do you think it's too pretty and so you pick it up to reveal the treats underneath?