Let us Help You Throw a Successful Baby Shower!

  • Feb, 02 , 23
  • J. Black

Are you throwing a baby shower for your friend or family member? Are you looking for a beautiful centrepiece or guest favours? We have you covered for any size party! While you could always go with a simple classic like a platter of dipped berries, we want to point out a few very special ideas that will satisfy a variety of guest lists. Put your order in now and focus on all those fun games and activities!


Baby Shower Gift Package

Let’s start big! This package comes with a variety of treats that are both fresh fruit and chocolate dipped. It really is the whole package! This carved watermelon carriage is filled with melon balls and makes a cute table centrepiece, it also includes 36 bite sized treats in the form of chocolate dipped strawberries and delectable macarons! You can customize the chocolate colour to match the gender of the baby or keep it a neutral yellow; though you can always talk to us about customizing to any colour!


Welcome Baby Bouquet

This gorgeous centrepiece gives you options on size to make sure you’re getting the right amount of food for your guests! Featuring pineapple animals, chocolate dipped berries, fresh melon and skewered grapes -- there’s a little something for everyone and the fruit is easy to grab and go! Like with all of our suggestions here you can customize the colour! You can choose pink, yellow or blue with the swizzle on the dipped berries!


Two-Pack Oreo Favours

We thought it would be good to have an option for you that's a take away favour (or perhaps a game prize) for your guests. This choice is truly a custom order so you’ll have to get in touch with us, but that also means that you have so much control over what you receive! We can provide a variety of chocolate colours, sprinkles, chocolate decals and edible images! Now, that’s a lot to take in so here’s a few chocolate decals we have available: teddy bears, baby bottles and booties! You can see these on display on our larger Oreo back here


A Final Suggestion…

Since you can get these amazing treats sent right to your door why not save a trip and add some balloons to your order? We have welcome baby, baby girl and baby boy options available! 


We’re so happy to be able to help you take care of the expecting parents and welcome in the new baby! Our best wishes to you and the family on this amazing journey! Cheers to a happy, healthy bouncing babe!