Our 3 Favourite Birthday Treats for the Kiddos

  • Mar, 09 , 23
  • J. Black

These are our favourite birthday treats for the kiddos though we are positive adults will love them too! We chose these for their abundance in sprinkles and the quantity of items. We know little ones have little stomachs but we also know that sharing is caring so you’ll find a fun sharable bouquet on the list too! We’d also love to work with you to make these gifts perfect for you, so always feel free to reach out to us about customizing to meet your party theme or child’s favourite colour!

Confetti Gift Box

This is one of our smaller boxes with four white chocolate dipped Oreos, four white chocolate dipped strawberries and four white chocolate dipped mini pretzels all covered in bright multi-coloured confetti sprinkles! We think this is one of the most perfect treats for children because not only does it have smaller amounts of goodies, it also is mostly treats that can be eaten another day. The strawberries should be a priority treat but the pretzels and Oreos just need to be stored in a cool dry place until snack time! If your little one prefers dark chocolate to white then feel free to ask us about switching it up!

Happy Birthday Caramel Apple

This cute apple is dipped in caramel, then dark chocolate and topped with bright multi-coloured sprinkles with a red “Happy Birthday” chocolate decal. We think this is a great choice because no matter the time of year you can have a taste of summer fairs and autumn apple treats! Usually you get caramel OR candy but with our Happy Birthday Caramel Apple you get the sticky caramel with the satisfying snap of chocolate. Ask us about changing the colour of the, “Happy Birthday” decal!

Sprinkled Cupcake Bouquet

This bouquet is quite the sight! We think the bright colours of fresh fruit and the colourful sprinkles found on the chocolate dipped cupcake shaped pineapples are pleasant to the eye of people of all ages! The vase comes stocked full of honeydew balls, cantaloupe wedges, crisp grapes and strawberries — both plain chocolate dipped and some with sprinkles. This is definitely a treat to share and is available in three sizes to accommodate your guest list from a family dinner to the whole class coming over! 

Do not forget that we have some extra special add-ons available for you like helium filled balloons, stuffed teddy bears and extra special Birthday Card upgrades! Make sure your children remember this birthday forever!