Perfect Gifts for the New or Expecting Parent

  • Feb, 02 , 23
  • J. Black

New parents need every little bit of help they can get, and they also deserve to treat themselves! We have a variety of delicious gifts and you can have them sent straight to their door (or yours if you're going to visit). We think these gifts are all great options for baby showers as well as post birth pick-me-ups. 


Baby Theme Dipped Oreos

We think this is a great gift for before or after the big day! It gives them something that won’t spoil if they want to save it for an in-hospital snack or if they don't get to it right away. There are enough cookies here for the parents to share (though we wouldn't blame them for not) and to give them both a bit of extra energy. Plus, they’re just super cute! They are topped with adorable themed baby chocolate decals, and you have the choice to select them in little boy blue and little girl pink or yellow for a neutral colour.


Get Some Rest Bouquet

A delicious reminder to your favourite new parents that they need and deserve some rest! We know it’s not always easy with a newborn around to do but hopefully the fruit will give them the little pep they need before the next chance for a nap. This bouquet is super unique in the grand scheme of our bouquets too with blue sprinkles, stars and moons! We hope this gift from you can bring a little peace to worried first timers and experienced parents alike. 


Balloons and Bears

Why not make it even more exciting by adding in some extras? Balloons always seem so perfectly festive to welcome in a new baby and we have baby girl, baby boy and neutral balloons available so you can get what works best for you. And we’d be remiss to not mention that you could get the baby a cute stuffed animal as well! Send your good wishes on an upgraded card picked especially for congratulating parents and welcoming in the new bundle of joy. 

We thought it appropriate to throw in the fact that if you reading this are yourself a new or expecting parent that it is so valid for you to order these treats for yourself! Consider ordering now for a little while after go day so you can be surprised with a yummy treat from yourself! Write yourself an encouraging and kind message in your card to remind yourself to be gentle while you adjust to a whole new life being present in your home!