Santa Approved Cookies!

  • Dec, 15 , 22
  • J. Black

While we don't have the traditional chocolate chip cookies for sale we do have some santa approved options! Check out what we have below and find a few examples of what boxes we have them available in!

French Macarons 

We always have a wide variety of French macaron flavours on hand. Never had a macaron before? It’s a sweet meringue based confection served with jam, buttercream or ganache filling. The cookie itself is characterized by a smooth top, a ruffled circumference (called the "crown") and a flat base. It is mildly moist and easily melts in the mouth. 

Now you have to decide in what format you want to present these macarons to Santa. We offer just the macarons as a dozen or half dozen box as well as a tower with 39 (that one could also feed the reindeers). In addition to that, you can find macaron in gift boxes with other items if you think Santa might like a variety of snacks. You can find them in boxes with berries and/or pretzels!

Chocolate Dipped (and sometimes swizzled) Oreos 

Keeping with the Santa approved cookies are chocolate dipped Oreos! We love to spruce these up with a little swizzle on top. 

Just like the macarons, you can choose to order just a box of chocolate dipped Oreos or you can find them in a gift box with a variety of other treats. If you’re looking to grab just the cookies you can get them as a nine pack with or without swizzles. Feel free to contact us if you want to customize with a certain colour! If you’re looking to upgrade to something with a little more umph take a peek at a Swizzle Gift Box or Confetti Gift Box (this one is white chocolate!) with the addition of berries and pretzels or the Infused Gift Box with tequila rose (or vodka, wine, bourbon…) infused berries. 

Holiday Oreo Favours 

I know, I know, we already talked about oreos but these are HOLIDAY oreos. These ones have a special place in Santa’s heart because they only come around this time of year! It’s our regular chocolate dipped Oreos but instead of being plain or having a simple white swizzle they come with chocolate decals, Christmas coloured sprinkles and candy cane! 

These special holiday Oreos come as a 3 pack (one white chocolate with candy cane, one dark with sprinkles and one dark with a snowflake) and a 9 pack (all of them are dark chocolate, three with snowflakes, three with green trees and three with sprinkles.) You just have to decide how many to give Santa and how many to keep for yourself!

and an Honourable Mention!

While it’s not a cookie, Santa might appreciate a warm cup of Hot Chocolate. Why not leave him a Hot Chocolate Bomb instead of a glass of milk?!