The Best Holiday Stocking Stuffers for the Family

  • Nov, 23 , 22
  • J. Black

Looking for some sweet treats to fill your loved ones stockings with this year? Why not check out some of our holiday inspired chocolate goodies? We have small packages of all the usual suspects as well as a few extra fun exclusive ones.


Holiday Oreo Favour
A simple three pack of holiday themed Oreos! You’ll get a mix of white and dark chocolate as well as holiday sprinkles, candy cane pieces and a chocolate snowflake! If you’re lucky and you’re at an Ottawa Artisan’s Store you might even find other chocolate embellishments like trees! (feel free to inquire about different theme chocolate toppers if ordering online.)


Hot Chocolate Bomb
Help your friends hold off the cold with a hot chocolate bomb! They’re the perfect mix of easy to use and a beautiful presentation! You can grab these as singles to stash into stockings or you can even grab a four pack with a variety of flavours to wrap and pop under the tree!


Reindeer Pop
Who could resist this adorable little fella! This chocolate dipped Oreo on a stick with a red M&M nose and pretzel twist antlers resembling Santa’s favourite reindeer is sure to bring a smile to your recipient's face.


Marshmallow Snowman
Another snack on a stick! This one is quite the sensory experience; where the hard chocolate exterior gives way to the squishy marshmallow centre. They are also super cute with their little hat and hand drawn faces! This is a great small gift even if your recipient doesn't celebrate Christmas!


Holiday Pretzel Favour
This two pack of chocolate dipped pretzels brings a classic flavour combo to life with chocolate and candy cane. Alongside this classic is a festive red and green swizzled pretzel. The satisfying crunch and light salting really bring out and compliment the rich and sweet flavours of the chocolate.


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