A Centrepiece for Your Retirement Party

  • Aug, 29 , 23
  • J. Black

Retirement is always a huge celebration and accomplishment. Along with your photo booth, book of memories and nostalgic playlist, consider a beautiful edible centrepiece for such an important milestone. We’ve chosen a few of our favourites for you to get an idea of all that is possible with Fruit Couture. 

Elegance Platter 

The first and probably fanciest option on the list today is the Elegance Platter. It is truly a one of a kind design from our long list of products. It comes in two sizes so you have options depending on how extravagant this party is going to be; both are filled with chocolate dipped apples and chocolate dipped strawberries covered in various toppings, including coconut and toffee bits. The regular size is accented with a single pineapple daisy while the extra large has five to spread the brightness around the mounding arrangement. Your centrepiece is then placed and served on a silver platter. 

Fruit Kabobs

This platter really shines for retirement parties! This fruit kabob platter comes with 25 skewers, each containing a variety of 5 fresh fruits. Why not make a whole kabob out of it and serve crudite kabobs as an appetizer, meat and veggie kabobs as the main, and follow it up with our fresh fruit kabobs as the dessert!

Exquisite Fruit Platter

This platter is a little more traditional in style and has a wide variety of fruit displayed appetizingly on a platter. You'll find a vine of red grapes, orange slices, strawberries and raspberries, cantaloupe slices, watermelon cut with easy eating in mind, pineapple, and then it gets exciting with dragon fruit slices and kiwi. To really make it stand out it is garnished with a kiwi flower expertly cut by our Fruit Designers.

Fruitful Abundance

Another gorgeous centrepiece can be found with our fruitful abundance. This arrangement has a wide variety of fruit from juicy melon to tart pineapple to crisp grapes and of course strawberries both chocolate covered and fresh in all their natural red glory. Along with the extra large elegance platter size this one also come with a party in mind ranging from small up through large and into party sized! No matter the size of celebration this one’s got you covered.