Back to School Treats!

  • Aug, 10 , 23
  • J. Black

Thinking about grabbing something special for your child’s first week back to school? We have so many options that it’s hard to cover them all here! We want to show you the variety both in sweet treats and the size in case you want to spread the excitement out over the week rather than just treat them on the first day back. Each section has just a few of the many options so even if you don't see the perfect treat right away clicking the heading will give you even more options in the same avenue!


If your child is less of a sweet tooth one of our pretzel options might be right for them with their sweet and salty crunch. These can get very fun with exciting toppings like sprinkles and Skor bits. Just like the macarons we have a favour which is a bunch of mini pretzels dipped in dark chocolate. You can then find full pretzel rods in packs of 2, 6 and 12 with a variety of toppings ranging from just chocolate to party toppings of various sprinkles and deluxe toppings with candy bits. 


The classic milk dipping cookie but covered in chocolate! It’s certainly more difficult to dip your oreos in milk at school but why not cover it in chocolate instead? You can find these in all the classics with various decorations on top but the one we really want to draw your attention to is the unicorn oreos (which you can get as a platter with berries too.) They are white chocolate covered with a gold dusted horn, flower crown and soft blushy face. You can find oreos in packs of 2 and 9. Our favourite 2 pack right now has these cute Back-To School edible images on them!

Super Choco Kabob

This item is one of our most unique options! Your kiddos are going to be excited and their friends will be jealous of this fruit and candy kabob. These scrumptious treat come in a pack of two kabobs each sporting a chocolate covered marshmallow with M&Ms, 2 gummy bears, 2 chocolate covered banana slices with toffee pieces and 2 chocolate covered strawberries. Just make sure they know the end is pointy!

Chocolate Caramel Apple

A staple fall treat. Caramel Apples are right up there with Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the Autumn treat list. We use tart granny smiths to compliment the sweet caramel and chocolate on top. We do have a few options for this item as well including some extra toppings! You can go with a single classic dark chocolate over caramel or perhaps our Caramel Apple Gift Box with 2 fancier styled apples: one, dubbed “apple pie” which is caramel covered in white chocolate and dipped in graham cracker; and two, a lattice apple dipped in caramel and decorated with a milk chocolate lattice design! If you want one of these fancier options but only one apple feel free to reach out to us to customize your order (the same goes for any previous item in this list!)



We know most schools are nut-free and so these aren't perfect for that but we’d be remiss not to mention these sweet and light cookies filled with creamy or jammy filling. Because you probably can't bring them to school we suggest these as a fancy after school treat instead! We have three sizes of container and it's always a surprise what flavours you will receive! Consider our favour size which comes in a cute little box with 2 different cookies, perfect for the first day's snack. If you want a cookie for each day the half dozen is more your speed. Finally, and obviously not least, we sell macarons in a dozen packs perfect for two cookies a day or if you have more than one child you're treating.