Five Mother's Day Gift Ideas From Fruit Couture

  • May, 03 , 23
  • J. Black

We mentioned before that we had many options for Mother’s Day gifts that we will deliver right to you or your mom’s door and thought it was only right to highlight a few of our favourites! We tried to give you an idea of the huge variety we have available by including gift boxes and bouquets, as well as a few very special fruit focused treats. Almost all of these are seasonal exclusives, so order now!

Mother’s Day Bouquet

This bouquet has a huge focus on fresh fruit but does not entirely skip the chocolate. You’ll find chocolate covered pineapple hearts with a lovely pink swizzle in it among the bright fruit wedges. In addition to those pineapple hearts, this bouquet screams "MOM" with pineapple letters (the “o” is a daisy!) Surrounding all of these pineapple shapes you’ll find oranges, cantaloupe, and honeydew acting as the leaves of the bouquet. Interspersed throughout are fresh strawberries like newly sprung buds and grape skewers emerging like springs of multi-flowered stems. This one is a great alternative to flowers if your mom is allergic or would just prefer a sweet snack!

I Love You Mom Berries

This simple gift box comes out only at this time of year! While you can always get a Custom Text Berries Box to tell your mom how you feel with chocolate letters, it won’t come in this exclusive fuchsia box! This box is the perfect pink present with dark chocolate dipped strawberries decorated with white letters, a pink heart for “love” and pink swizzle on the remaining berries. Add to these chocolate words in your customized gift card and surprise her with a delivery right to her door!

Mom Sunflower Caramel Apple

This is a great, small gift for the mom that loves tartness mixed with sweetness. A bright Granny Smith apple is first dipped in thick, creamy caramel. We then dip that in dark chocolate and embellish it! This apple bears yellow letters and a sunflower spelling out mom and surrounding that are small blue and pink roses polka dotting the remaining chocolate surface. We love the happy yellow of this apple’s decorations and know it will bring a smile to your mom’s face!

Mama Bear Berries

Although this is available all year round, we couldn't bear to leave off the list! This adorable gift box is a spin on our Bear Hug Berries  but with mom in mind (don’t worry there’s a papa berry box too.) You have one row of milk chocolate dipped berries with pink sprinkle buttons, one row of pink chocolate dipped berries with “MAMA” written on them in white. The final row is our adorable BEAR-ies: milk chocolate dipped with Belgian chocolate ears, dark chocolate eyes, white chocolate snout and a little heart shaped nose! It doesn’t get any cuter! Add a stuffed bear to really round out the theme and don’t forget to give your mom a big bear hug when you give her this gift!

Mother's Day Watermelon Cake

NEW THIS YEAR! That’s right, this year we’ve added a very special item to the roster. A great shareable dessert perfect for those multi-generational parties with mom, grandma and great grandma! This watermelon cake has a gorgeous range of colours starting with, of course, the deep pink of the watermelon base moving to the bright red rose-cut strawberries, and the simple orange of cantaloupe balls, on top you have the deep yellow of mango slices and the bright yellow of pineapples followed by the fresh green of kiwi and finished off by the beautiful, deep purple of grapes. It really spans the whole rainbow! Not only that, the pineapple is cut to say MAMI and stands proud in the centre of the cake. It may not be summer quite yet but talk about an elegant way of grabbing a slice of watermelon!