• Nov, 09 , 18
  • Jackie Bonilla
To host or not to host? We agree that it is much easier to be the invited guest however, having your close friends and family over for the holidays can be really self-rewarding if you plan it right. This blog is for those who would like to go all out for their holiday get-together and essentially be, the hostess with the mostess. 

1. Plan ahead and pick a date that works for everyone
Life responsibilities can get in the way of us getting together with friends and family more than we'd like to. If you're planning to host, send out an invitation at least 3 weeks to a month in advance so there is enough notice for everyone to agree on a date and for you to start preparing.

2. Plan your menu
Be clear with your guests, are you inviting them over for a full on dinner or are you sticking to appetizers and wine? You don't want your guests arriving on an empty stomach with the expectation that you are providing them with more than just cheese and crackers.

3. Table setting
It's the holidays so be creative with your table setting and take out the fine china. My go-to is always a white table cloth, silky black place mats, material napkins, a chandelier candle, and fine china. No matter what you're serving, having this as a basic will make your table look elegant and classy. 

4. Create your ambiance
What makes you think of the holidays? Pinecones, nutcrackers, wreaths, mistletoes, a Christmas tree - these are all festive pieces you can place in your house or even add to your table setting that will leave your guests feeling much more cheery.

5. Be a host
Guests come over because they want to laugh and enjoy their time with you. Having your food prepped and table set before they arrive will save you tons of time from working in the kitchen while your company is over - allowing you to host. If you are having more than a dozen people over, you might want to consider having hired help. They can be responsible for placing food on the plate, serving, and filling up the dishwasher.

6. Have everything
Remember, this blog is for those who really want to be the hostess with the mostess. From cheese platters to charcuterie boards, salads to grilled salmon, and wine to hot chocolate, you are sure to have enough to last you from night till morning with your guests. Plus, not everyone drinks alcohol, so having other beverages are a must.

7. Be thoughtful
If you're expecting to have your guests bring their kids, set aside some games, movies, and have an extra bed ready in case they need to sleep. There is nothing worse than having bored kids in the house. 

8. Be responsible
Hosting is fun until someone gets hurt. Don't let your friends drive home if they've been drinking. Call them a ride or have them stay over.

9. End it with a special touch
You've already done so much but having a little gift or surprise for everyone really makes having guests over that much more fun! Write them a hand written note and tell them how great they are or have a special treat (ahem, Elegance Platter, ahem...) that will end the night on an even greater note!

Thanks so much for reading this blog. If you have a number 10 tip, let us know. There are so many great ways to be the hostess with the mostess but what really matters is the quality time you spend with your loved ones. If you enjoyed this blog, share it and tag us!



Nov 09 ,2018



Nov 09 ,2018