How To Choose The Right Fruit Bouquet For Your Recipient

  • Apr, 21 , 22
  • Jackie Bonilla

We get it: choosing the right fruit bouquet for your recipient can be tricky. We’ve put together some pointers to take into consideration before deciding on a fruit arrangement so you can pick the perfect gift.


While there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to picking out fruit arrangements, there are a few things to keep in mind that can make your decision easier. The first thing to think about is the number of people who will be eating it. If you're buying for someone who lives alone then it probably wouldn't hurt to go with a smaller option. If however, you're buying for a larger family or group of friends then go with something larger.


Consider the occasion. If the occasion is for a large gathering then find out if there will be other desserts. If this will be the main dessert then the party size Fruitful Abundance bouquet is a good option so that everyone can grab a few skewers of fruit. 


One thing about fruit is some people, for personal reasons or personal tastes, don't like certain fruits. We've helped people who don't like apples find arrangements that didn't have apples in it. If you know someone that doesn't like melons but they love chocolate consider buying them one of our Berry Lush arrangement that has all chocolate covered strawberries, as an example.


While there can be a few things to consider, in the end it really just comes down to the thoughtfulness of the gift. If you don't know who you're buying for, then going with something simple such the Classic Elegance Bouquet will give them the most variety. If however, you're purchasing for someone that loves apples then the Elegance Platter with an assortment of dipped fruits and apples would be a good choice. 


Now that you have an idea of the basics behind choosing a fruit bouquet, here are some of our personal favourites:


1. Thinking of You Bouquet

2. Classic Elegance

3. Cinnamon & Toffee Bouquet



Apr 21 ,2022