Four Galentine's Ideas to Try This Year

  • Jan, 28 , 23
  • J. Black

There’s no reason that you can’t do everything we talked about in our Romantic Valentines Ideas post with your gal pals but we thought we’d throw out a few ideas that are just for Galentine’s Day. But, Fruit Couture, what exactly IS Galentine’s Day?! 

Galentine’s Day takes place on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day,  and is meant as a day to celebrate platonic friendships. Now, obviously this holiday sounds geared toward women but we think anyone can celebrate! If Galentine’s doesn’t fit for you Brolentine’s and Palentine’s are perfectly valid versions! Now onto some ways to celebrate your friends!

Make it a Wine and Chocolate Night!

This one might be the closest idea on the list to being a Valentine’s activity so take that as you will but we still think nothing says Wine Night like a night in with the gals. You could even spice this up with a chocolate fondue! And if we’re going fondue why not cheese too!? Okay, this one might be getting a little out of hand but we do have the simplest solution for wine and chocolate… grab some wine (or tequila rose) infused, chocolate-dipped strawberries from us.

Let Loose with some Karaoke

Whether you decide to go out to the bar or stay home, letting loose with some Karaoke with friends is great fun and great stress relief. What is better than picking some songs from your youth and belting out those lyrics that you know you have stored away taking up space for *some* reason. A favourite when it comes to karaoke is duet and group songs, Bohemian Rhapsody anyone? Crank up the tunes and have a blast!

Secret Cupid

This requires a little bit of planning but you have time! Set up a Secret Cupid a la Secret Santa (or if Secret Cupid is a little too stressful you could always opt for a gift exchange game) and surprise your friends with cute gifts. The vote from us is for snacks and self care but you do you, boo boo. If you are going the snack direction though could I interest you in some Fruit Couture sweets? Perhaps some chocolate covered oreos adorned with hearts like our Nine of Hearts Oreos? Or…

Grab a Galentine’s Box to Share

This idea, we admit, is a little biassed but we think it’s a great one nonetheless! This year we decided to design a box with Galentine’s Day in mind! It comes with 12 assorted treats to share including caramel and chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate lip shaped pops and, of course, chocolate covered strawberries. Those strawberries are uber special though because we decided to go with Cookie Butter chocolate; all the goodness of the dough with the no-guilt feeling of fruit!