Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Mom

  • Apr, 27 , 23
  • J. Black

We want to give you some fun ideas to celebrate Mom this year so we included lots of ideas with variations for children of different ages. We know that a two year old can’t cook and that a teen may not want to make macaroni art. These special Mother's Day ideas work well for moms, grandmas and people who are like a mother to you.

Heartfelt Card 

Words are a great gift for mom, sometimes even better than jewellery or perfume! Sit down and tell mom how you really feel in a heartfelt card or letter. Tell her you love her and are proud of her. Thank her for the little things and the big things. Remind her of some of your favourite memories you made together over the last year and maybe suggest a few ideas to make more! Even more, decorate your card yourself for a handcrafted feel; moms love when your gifts come straight from the heart and hand. 

Handcrafted Gift From the Kiddos

Speaking of handcrafted gifts there are so many options for making something your mom will love! We mentioned macaroni art and that’s a classic but we have a few ideas to branch out from the normal. Make your own gift basket and fill it with her favourite self care items like tea, bath bombs and a new book. Get a little more handcrafted by making and/ or painting pottery; you could try mugs or plant pots depending on your mom’s favourite things. Make it an activity you can do together and go out on a nature walk searching for flowers and leaves to make printed art together. Think baked goods and take over for mom on the baking today with heart shaped cookies or her favourite muffin. Talking about cooking brings up another idea…

Surprise Brunch or Picnic

Surprise mom with a meal! This can range from breakfast in bed, to brunch at her favourite restaurant or, if the weather is nice, a picnic! (even if the weather isn't nice you can always move the picnic to the living room floor.) The tiny tots can help choose the menu and arrange the plates while the older kids can help prepare from stacking sandwiches to chopping fruits and vegetables and scrambling a few eggs. Brew her a cup of her favourite warm beverage or whip up a pitcher of lemonade and watch the smile spread across her face. If you want a little extra help you could always check out our selection of dipped strawberries and delectable macarons.

Special delivery

Now that the cat’s out of the bag let us tell you a little more about our wide variety of treats for mom this year. We have some tried and true options like Mama Bear Berries and the Mother’s Day Bouquet but we’ve added a few new items like the Mother’s Day Watermelon Cake. All of these and more can be delivered right to your door hassle free. Just get your orders in as soon as you can because we do fill up!



Apr 27 ,2023